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iFrolix Reggae Band

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Welcome To Our Musical Journey
LIVE Music You Can Feel, See With Your Eyes And Hear With Your Ears. Crafted By Four Musicians with Various Vocalists. We Play Predominantly Reggae, Along with Jamaican Dance Hall, Soca, R&B And Pop.
Call Mark, Bassist/Manager at 
718-374-4352 or 
Email [email protected]

   IFrolix Is a Cover Band That Replicates Popular Existing Songs Word For Word, Note For Note, Chord For Chord and Beat For Beat. Sing Along With Us For Your Entertaining Pleasure.
   The Band Consist Of Five People-Drummer, Bassist, Guitarist and Keyboardist with One Singer. We Have All Of Our Own Equipment And Is Ready To Rock You. 
    We are Available For Weddings, 
Corporate Events, Resident Band, Music Festivals, Holiday Events, Back Yard Parties, House Parties, Backing Band and All Other Special Events...We Are Willing To Travel.
    As a Reggae Band We Host and Promote Our Own Reggae Concerts. Listen To Ifrolix Radio here For Concert Updates.